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ClinicalNeurologyVideos does not presume to be exhaustive, but to focus on those videos we consider didactic and essential, not only  for the neurologist, but also for medical students, residents, practitioners, and anyone interested in clinical neurology.


We provide access over 800 real-life case studies to hear patients describe symptoms and see neurological exam demonstrated on screen.


We have tried to classify and categorize all videos we selected, however, our list and classification are not as complete as we would like; there are many disorders to be considered in the differential diagnosis and much more neurological diseases we can not include in our website because there is no sign or video to show.


Our goal is to expand and improve our catalogue. We will include new clinical neurological videos after validating and reviewing for accuracy and scientific quality.


If you consider you have created a video that could teach medical student or neurologist to recognize neurological disorders do not hesitate to contact us.


If there is any video that could be violating your copyright and you want to be removed, please contact us to delete that content.


ClinicalNeurologyVideos is a non-profit project.